Our vision

Our vision is "One World" that is free of hunger and poverty, in which smallholder families produce enough healthy food to live an independent life.

Our mission

We are committed to productive and ecological smallholder agriculture as the key to food and livelihood security. We help small-scale farmers to secure food for their families and to benefit from additional income through increased crop yields. Our initiatives provide important impetus for the development of rural areas.

Our Approach

We promote food security and sovereignty at family level and regional levels via the implementation of appropriate technologies and ecological production methods. Our core competence is small-scale irrigation to increase agricultural productivity. We utilise qualified local professionals to produce and install the small-scale irrigation systems on site and we pay high attention to knowledge transfer, product quality and the establishment of long-term maintenance structures. In interface areas such as agroecology, we cooperate with experienced and competent organizations and institutions.

Our Principles

We work on the basis of common objectives and partner with local organizations. Our cooperation is based on trust and continuous monitoring and supervision, where possible by voluntary and experienced project coordinators. We consider it important to strengthen our partners in their commitment, competency and independence. We collaborate with like-minded people locally and internationally to combine expertise and to leverage synergies. We focus our work on carefully chosen countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. We consider each countries’ particular situation and adapt our support to the needs and resources of disadvantaged people in each targeted region. We collaborate with the beneficiaries to plan and implement the irrigation systems. They actively contribute to the improvement of their own living conditions at a level appropriate to their economic situation, either via cost sharing or active participation, thereby taking on joint responsibility for the project

Our Philosophy

As a dynamic charity organization we constantly critique our own actions and promote the exchange of experience and knowledge to become more effective. We react calmly and with foresight when facing new challenges and we are open to innovative ideas and new approaches. We strive to sustainably impart the technique of small-scale irrigation to an ever-growing number of interested parties. We treat each other with respect and appreciation. We recognize the diversity of cultures and people and we do not discriminate based on political, religious, or ethnic grounds. We believe that the wealth of natural heritage is a common good of all people and our work is dedicated to the preservation of biodiversity and the sustainable use of natural resources such as water, soil and air. We are a reliable organisation, trusted by our donors and partner organizations, as well the smallholder families that we serve. We place high importance on the careful use of our funds and we systematically review the results and outcomes of our projects. We report transparently on our activities, presenting not only our successes, but also the difficulties and setbacks that we will inevitably face.

What Now?

In order to deliver on our vision, we all need to work with each other and for each other: Local people creating a better life by their own efforts, partnering with Aqua Alimenta as part of "One World" that is free of hunger and poverty.


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One World, Zero Hunger

The United Nations has set a clear goal in its Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development: "Zero Hunger" by 2030. No more hunger - this is what Aqua Alimenta is working on.