Promoting small scale farming

500 million small scale farms produce food for about 2 billion people – almost a third of hu-man population. And their importance is increasing. The world’s population is growing and issues of food scarcity are among the top priorities on the international development agenda.

The major part of the world’s poor lives in rural areas of agriculture – making it the most direct way of fostering development. If people can nourish their families with their own supply a big step is made. This is right where Aqua Alimenta creates impact.


Facts and Figures

  • Around 70% of people worldwide live in rural areas and ensure their survival through agriculture
  • More than 700 million farmers around the world suffer from malnutrition
  • 500 million small farms produce food for some two billion people - for nearly a third of mankind
  • 70 % of African food supply comes from smallholder agriculture
  • 90 % of the agricultural labor force in Asia is made up of small businesses. They produce 80 percent of the local food supply.