What we do

About 70% of impoverished people live in rural areas und earn their living with agriculture. Aqua Alimenta is committed to securing the food supply and livelihood of people in rural re-gions of Africa, South Asia and Latin America – with adapted irrigation technology, which relieve people physically, save time and make their yields more independent from weather and climate conditions.

Sufficient yields instead of hunger

Small scale irrigation facilities offer subsistence farmers increased security of yield. The planting of fields is not limited to irrigation heavy times but can be extended into dry periods. The farmers and their families can harvest more produce of higher quality. The projects of Aqua Alimenta bring small scale irrigation systems to people in remote areas, where these technologies are either not accessible or too costly to purchase and maintain.

Simply water to the field!

In many regions of the world water is accessible but has to be transported with great difficulty over long distances – bucket by bucket, for hours. And fields are thirsty. Simple irrigation systems are very efficient at liberating people from the time consuming water logistics and create space for the real labour on the fields, the expansion of arable land or going to the market.

Relieve for women

In many places, transporting water is women‘s work. Easier irrigation enables them to water the fields efficiently instead of bucket per bucket. Daily carrying, over hours, becomes obso-lete. Ultimately they have more time and energy for their families and the community. And for economic activity outside of farming which generates additional income for the family and secure their food supply.

Strengthen resource saving cultivation

Pumps which are powered by pedals are the conjunction between water source and field. They secure independence from diesel and electricity and enable CO2 neutral utilization of fields. Water is sourced on demand, the precious resource is used efficiently.

Depending on plant culture and soil characteristics, different irrigation systems are employed. One of the most efficient systems is drip irrigation. A flexible, adapted design of the devices on the field supports the precise and efficient watering of the plants.

Direct knowledge transfer

Village workshops produce the irrigation systems. The local craftsmen get to know basic quality requirements and alternative irrigation and land utilization concepts. The farmers par-ticipate in the installation and learn simple maintenance tasks. Whenever possible, Aqua Alimenta works together with partners and NGOs which further deepen the practical knowledge of the farmers.


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