Birthday or anniversary donations

As part of a celebration, you want to share unforgettable moments with special people. In addition, a birthday or anniversary can have an even greater impact if you reconsider your gift concept for the benefit of needy people.

Why don’t you support our projects and help us realise our activities with a donation. Invite your guests, friends and family to support our work through a donation.
Of course, every donation made during your celebration will be acknowledged with a thank-you letter.

Donation in memory of a person

A donation to Aqua Alimenta on behalf of a deceased person is a sign of hope for the future. Invite the mourners to express their condolences by donating to a development project, rather than through flowers and wreaths. In this way, you contribute to improving the living conditions of smallholder families.
You will subsequently receive a personal thank-you letter.


If you would like to donate, please use the following information:

Aqua Alimenta
Lagerstrasse 33
CH-8004 Zürich


PC: 25-543543-9
IBAN: CH51 0900 0000 2554 3543 9

To ensure that your contribution arrives without deductions, we recommend that you donate via e-banking.

Online donation

Donate directly and easily online.

Donate using Paypal:


Aqua Alimenta

Stauffacherstrasse 28
CH-8004 Zurich

Tel: +41 43 243 04 70


Post Account: 25-543543-9
IBAN: CH51 0900 0000 2554 3543 9